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Tips Before And After Having Teeth Whitening

Tips Before And After Having Teeth Whitening

The teeth are one of the physical characteristics that attract a lot of attention from the people around us. If you want to improve your smile and are thinking about having a teeth whitening, this time we are going to give you some tips that you should apply before and after doing it for best results.

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Moving Denture Bone Loss And Bone Points

Moving Denture: Bone Loss And Bone Points

Sometimes people have the impression of wearing a denture that moves, a denture that slams or even feels that their dentures can fall. Regularly, their gums hurt when they eat. It prevents them from chewing properly and can also cause them to avoid food. Maybe this is your case too.

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Pediatric Dentist

The Parotid Gland And Its Pathologies

First of all, you are probably wondering what is the parotid gland? The parotid gland is a bulky organ located on both sides of the face that, together with two other lower and two sublingual maxillary glands, is part of the salivary glands. Its main function is to produce serous secretions, while submandibular and sublingual secretions, have to emit a mixed seromucous secretion and release the mucus, respectively. From there, when they are affected it can be for different reasons.

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